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Garden State Home Buyers
 is a professional Father-Daughter house buying team based here in New Jersey. We specialize in buying houses from people who want to sell quickly and without hassle. So if you would rather sell your house sooner rather than later, just call us.

We don’t even care if your house has problems or needs repairs. We buy those types of houses too. You don’t have to invest the time or money into a house that you just want to sell anyway.


Garden State Home Buyers is owned and operated by Jeff Friedman, Licensed REAL ESTATE BROKER in New Jersey and New York and Darla Friedman (Jeff’s daughter) . Jeff founded Garden State Home Buyers in 2013 and continues to hone his craft as a “Short Sale Engineer” for structuring difficult residential short sale deals. Jeff understands lenders motivations and is an expert in getting short sales approved! He is associated with the most experienced foreclosure defense attorneys and is ready to help you out of your difficult situation. 

Jeff is a seasoned investor, having invested in residential and commercial properties for the past 20 years. He has built and rehabbed over 100 houses with his associates and is experienced with all phases of remodeling and construction. Jeff is a master at the hands-on approach through extensive experience with all stages of selling a home, buying a home, fixing it up, finding the right buyer, securing financing, and talking to lenders. 

How We Work With Homeowners

We buy houses that need a ton of repairs. So you won’t have to fork out the money to make those repair when you don’t have a guarantee of getting that cash back.

We buy houses from people who are behind in mortgage payments. Why work three jobs to try and get caught up when you can just sell your house now and start over.

Wouldn’t it feel great to get your mortgage company off your back? Wouldn’t it feel great to get out of the stress that your house is bringing you? Would it feel great to not have your mortgage payments, insurance payments, utility payments, and real estate tax payments any longer?

We buy houses from people who want to start with a clean slate – no big bills or mortgage payments or other payments that are too heavy to bare every month. You can start over by selling your house now. No need to wait six months to see of a real estate agent can sell your house.

We have cash now. That’s why we can make you an offer this week and close in just a few days. So you can get cash in your hand fast. Since we use cash, we bypass the banks and mortgage companies. They just take too long. They hold up the process. And they hold up your life.

If you ever have any questions about us or how we work or if we can really buy your house, then just call us. We are easy to contact. We answer people’s questions. We buy houses. That’s what we do. We can probably help you too.

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